German Future Prize

6D-Vision nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2011!

The "Deutscher Zukunftspreis" is the most significant national award for technical innovations. It is given by the German Federal President yearly. Among the three nominees of the year 2011 was the 6D-Vision team of Dr.-Ing. Uwe Franke, Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Gehrig and Dr.-Ing. Clemens Rabe with their project "6D-Vision - recognizing hazards faster than the human eye".

The picture shows from left to right: Prof. Leo (Dresden), Federal President Christian Wulff, Dr. Uwe Franke (Daimler) and Mr. Lerchenmüller (Freiburg).

The prize was given to the team from Dresden for their work on OLEDs. The 6D-Vision team won the on-line voting clearly.

Many discussions and insights have supported our successful development of 6D-Vision. Ín particular, we like to thank

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