6D-Vision is awarded the Karl Heinz Beckurts-Prize

The Karl Heinz Beckurts-Prize 2012 was awarded to Dr. Uwe Franke, Dr. Stefan Gehrig and Dr. Clemens Rabe on Monday, 26th of November. The three Daimler researchers receive this 30.000 Euro prize for their work on the 6D-Vision system that will help the driver in complex and dangerous traffic situations to avoid or mitigate potential accidents. This system is expected to reduce the number of traffic accidents significantly.

The Karl-Heinz Beckurts Foundation was founded in 1987 in memory of Researcher and Manager Karl-Heinz Beckurts who was assassined by an act of terror in 1986. He was a board member at Siemens in charge of Research from 1980 on. The foundation´s goal is to foster research between academia and industry.

Beckurts award ceremony (f.l.t.r.): Prof. Bachem, Dr. Gehrig, Dr. Rabe, Dr. Franke

6D-Vision is used in the Mercedes-Benz S-, E- and C-class vehicles introduced to the market in 2013 to react to crossing traffic and pedestrians. In October 2014, the Daimler stereo camera team (U. Franke, S. Gehrig, M. Enzweiler, D. Gavrila, T. Schwarz, F. Stein) was awarded the IEEE ITS Outstanding Application Award.