What´s 6D-Vision?

6D-Vision is a principle developed by Daimler researchers Dr. Uwe Franke, Dr. Stefan Gehrig and Dr. Clemens Rabe, that allows vehicles to detect potential collision hazards within split-seconds. The main feature is that moving objects such as other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians are detected before they cross the driving corridor. The image on the right depicts such a critical situation.6D-Vision uses a stereo camera system to perceive the surroundings in 3D similar to the human. By analyzing the motion of the image sequence, the moving direction and the speed can be computed as well. This information enables a prediction of the future position. The arrows in the images on the right show the position where the object will be in 0.5s.

The Daimler researchers have implemented this basic human perception capability on a small, energy-efficient and low-cost chip, that is used millions of times in TVs and digital cameras. With that system it is possible to recognize hazards faster than the human and to avoid accidents especially in complex urban traffic situations.