For the interested reader we offer further reading or links to the 6D-Vision topics 


[1] C. Rabe, T. Müller, A. Wedel, U. Franke: “Dense, Robust and Accurate 3D Motion Field Estimation from Stereo Image Sequences in Real-Time”, Proc. ECCV 2010, 5.-11.Sept. 2010, Heraklion, Greece
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Stereo Vision

[6] S. Gehrig, F. Eberli, T. Meyer: „A Real-Time Low-Power Stereo Engine Using Semi-Global Matching“, Proc. International Conference on Vision Systems ICVS 2009, October 2009
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Optical Flow


Object detection


Current work of the team

[15] T. Müller, J. Rannacher, C. Rabe, U. Franke: „Feature- and Depth-Supported Modified Total Variation Optical Flow for 3D Motion Field Estimation in Real Scenes", IEEE CVPR 2011, Colorado Springs, 20.-25.Juni 2011
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6D-Vision outside the Team

Carnegie-Mellon-University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) has re-implemented  6D-Vision successfully for motion detection and ego-motion estimation with a stereocamera helmet [18] (received the "Best Application Paper Award").

[18] H. Badino and T. Kanade: "A Head-Wearable Short-Baseline Stereo System for the Simultaneous Estimation of Structure and Motion", MVA (Machine Vision Applications), Nara, Japan, June 2011